Weiming Angels

Angel Investments for Startups

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We are Weiming Angels.

Weiming Angels is a newly formed network of Angel Investors. We have more than 40 angel investors, and we're rapidly growing. We focus primarily on early stage startups with less than $10 million in valuation. A subgroup meets every month to select 3 to 4 projects to be presented to the whole group. Interested investors will then team up to follow up with the company to finalize the investment.


We focus on early stage startup companies, and we participate in Angel round as well as Series A and B. We look at cases year-round and meet at least once a month. Read more about the application process.


As a rapidly expanding group of angel investors in both the United States and China (at the moment), we are constantly looking for investors. If you want to become a Weiming Angel, learn how to apply.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please CONTACT US.