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"Another Weiming New Year"


Weiming Angels celebrated 2015 at Saratoga Country Club. Weiming Angels established SV Tech Fund I in 2015 and has expanded the portfolio greatly.

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"未名天使合伙人Elizabeth Xu: 硅谷大数据创业公司趋势"


我们今天会讲这几件事情,我自己的背景,大数据的特征、隐私权还有大数据的大炒作。我个人认为大数据是芳心未安,所以我的题目是大数据的黎明,我们刚刚开始,有很多东西会出现。我今天会讲一些在 美国大数据的应用,还有投资热点。今天我要讲玩数据、玩技术和玩钱,有多少人感兴趣玩数据、玩数据还有玩钱,举手?

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"Andy OS"


Congratulations to Andy OS, one of our recently invested companies. A cloud based operating system for cross-platform Android apps, Andy OS has gathered over 3 million users world and has been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and TechInAsia.

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"A Weiming New Year"


Weiming Angels celebrated a fruitful 2014 at Saratoga Country Club. Weiming Angels was established at the beginning of 2014 in the heart of Silicon Valley and has grown into a cross-boarder angel investor club with multiple locations overseas.

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当他苦思如何找到一款同样火爆的社交游戏投资时,一通电话送来无限惊喜。电话中,来人自报家门:“徐老师,我是疯狂猜图的 CEO 曹晓刚,您是我的天使投资人……”后面的话徐小平都不记得了,因为实在是都不重要了。当创新、创业俨然成为人类经济主旋律,全球都在经历“科技替代”带来的根本性变革,一个个行业被颠覆重建,许多竞争趋同再分野。站在创新和创业背后的风险投资界也概莫能外。

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"Just Dive In"


“Just dive in!” was the advice celebrity angel investor Xiao-Ping Xu gave to the eager crowd of Chinese engineers and professionals in the Bay Area at a PKU Angel Network event in Palo Alto not long ago. Two young female entrepreneurs in their 20’s of Chinese descent have already presented their slide decks by now; one sells data analytic tools to retailers to help them understand their customers. The other has built an online marketplace for summer camps.

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